Piergiorgio Branzi. Paris, 1954-2011
Bill Armstrong
Gianni Berengo Gardin
Piergiorgio Branzi
Glauco Cambi
Luca Campigotto
Robert Capa
Lorenzo Cicconi Massi
Daniele Dainelli
Robert Doisneau
Elliott Erwitt
Giorgia Fiorio
Maurizio Galimberti
Simona Ghizzoni
Mario Giacomelli
Alessandro Imbriaco
Kenro Izu
Mimmo Jodice
William Klein
Irene Kung
Herbert List
Nino Migliori
Vincent Munier
James Nachtwey
Martin Parr
Paolo Pellegrin
Martin Schoeller
Marco Pesaresi
Raghu Rai
Francesco Radino
Sebastião Salgado
Ferdinando Scianna
Massimo Siragusa
Phil Stern
Janet Sternburg
Paolo Ventura
Albert Watson
Alex Webb
Marco Zanta
Mattia Zoppellaro
Andrew Zuckerman

Herbert List

Herbert List was born in Hamburg in 1903 and died in Munich in 1975. He was a great photographer, an observant and curious traveller, a fi ne-art collector and a visionary poet who could construct pictures with perfect formal rigour and poignant beauty. His photography is well-balanced, powerful and perfect and his pictures of southern Europe – an Italy that should be explored and a dazzling Greece – have delighted generations of photographers and artists since the 1950s. A play of shadows, a refl ection on the sea or a ray of sunshine in the alleyways: in every picture List always
managed to frieze snatches of reality so perfect in the combination of light and form as to be unique, rare and